Saturday, May 14, 2011

Struggling and wondering

It's been forever since I last blogged, I start and then put aside never finishing it. That's been the way for a few things in my life lately and this worries me.

Do you ever find yourself struggling more than normal? Lately I have been with many many things and wondering why? Why can't I seem to get a handle on it. I second guess myself all the time, oh heck I think I'm second guessing myself four or five times over and its in matters of all shapes and sizes.

After some soul searching I've come to realize and learnt a few things about myself and life.

1. JUST BE YOURSELF - I just need to be me. Me is all I can be and all that I should be. I felt I was changing who I was so that would fit into a certain mold and it wasn't me. I felt dishonest with myself. If people I considered friends don't like the real me then they aren't the friends I thought they were and that's ok because not everyone can be friends with everyone.

2. GO WITH YOUR GUT - it's usually right 100% of the time. There's been some incidents lately that I have once again questioned. Am I being told the truth. I hate being lied to and have to admit the stubborn side of me will always find out the truth. This has happened a few times and in the end I have realized I should have just gone with the first instinct I had because it was right.

3. PATIENCE - this one is hard for me. I have the patience of Job for somethings and then with others I can fly off the handle in a nanosecond. For me this is something that will take time and is a work in progress.

Life isn't easy and really if it was what would be the fun at that. The things that happen in the past are what make you the person you are today.

Being a Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend it's all hard to keep it in line and in check with the demands of everyday life that can get crazy at times. But if I remember the above 3 things I can get through the day with happiness and being true to myself and in all this teaching my son the right values in life.