Thursday, August 11, 2011


I set up this blog for a few different reasons, one of them was for inspiration about life. Not only was it to possibly inspire someone somewhere but also to be inspired by someone.

One person who has inspired me is a friend that I used to work with (in fact she was my boss at one time). I always felt I could talk to her and she would give me honesty and truth in any response.  I am no longer working there and have not for awhile now but still feel this connection with her. She recently started her own blog and I follow. I'm glad I do. I enjoy her entries and would like to share one with you today! Her last post was about geese and I have to say that it was about a lot more than a fine feathered bird.

Enjoy and check out Heather's blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Acceptance and Intution

I was missing something and I didn't know what it was until a friend mentioned to me that she felt I didn't have ACCEPTANCE in my life. So I began to read a few articles about it. It struck a cord with me, my dear friend was right!

An article said that "acceptance means different things to different people and that you make the conscious decision to be at peace about an event or person that perhaps you previously would have been judgmental about, but you no longer have the desire to be that way." It's a choice.

The older we get the more we listen to our inner voice and trust it. Gut instinct. It took me a long time to realize I had ignored it but in the past year and half it has proven time and time again that my instinct is right on the money. I have learned what works for me and what doesn't. Acceptance means we make choices and need to accept those choices and move forward in life. Let the past be the past. Sometimes those choices break your heart and don't always feel right at first. However acceptance allows you to relinquish that nagging voice that encourages you to doubt yourself. Acceptance has a calming factor, it reminds you that you have made the choices that only you and you alone can make. Acceptance means recognizing and showing appreciation for our differences.  Respecting each person for their uniqueness is simply what we would like from them, so we must give it out first.

Another article stated that "when we can accept situations created by others that are beyond our control, especially when we do not agree with them, we no longer feel the need to have some kind of negative emotional reaction to it. This frees up that energy to be channeled elsewhere, into positive, fulfilling activities of the mind and the heart.  

After reading these articles acceptance = peace within. I am  not completely there, I don't think anyone is 100% there but I'm well on my way and thank my amazing husband, my wonderful son and all my friends that are always there for me and that I trust with my heart.