Monday, December 1, 2014

Some truths

Here's some truth about me.  You may already know some of them.

1. I'm shy - seriously I am - when you first meet me I hardly say anything. I sit back and watch the situation. I can even make myself sick over meeting someone or doing something new.

2.  I'm very insecure about everything

3.  I worry about friendships a lot - lately I have been feeling I put more value on my friendships than I receive in return and really that's not the case or I hope that's not the case - see truth # 2

4.  I am a HUGE worrier - always have been always will be - working on making it less life debilitating though since it has made me physically ill

5.  My feelings get hurt very easily. It has happened several times today and probably wasn't meant to be but then referring back to truth #2 is probably the reason.

6.  I can be very lazy and it can last for weeks and then turn OCD  to get everything done, organized and clean. ( I like the OCD part of me wish it came out more often)

7.  I don't like to give my opinions on hot topics because I'm afraid of sounding dumb and/or starting an argument where I get frustrated trying to share my thoughts and sound dumb

8. My family is dysfunctional but really no different than any other dysfunctional family just probably in a different way. Though in my mind at times I think we are the worst.

9.  I can kill a conversation through texting. Yup I can text back in a conversation and state something and the conversation is ended right there or my comment is totally ignored. Actually it's probably because well refer back to truth #2

10.  They say the grass is always greener on the other side. Well you think it is and you want what others have and I know in my head it's just a different shade of green but man I can't seem to tell my heart that sometimes.

Not every day is filled with these truths and most times I am the only one that sees them.  It also goes to show we are always a work in progress.

We have a teenager

Yup we have a teenager  in The Potter household.

How did that happen.

We are so proud of you Marcus.

You have grown into an amazing young man, with a caring heart. You are funny and stubborn. You are smart and smart assed and you take after your Mom and Dad so much that there is no denying you are ours.

We love you buddy and welcome to the teenage years