Friday, October 4, 2013


It's been over a year since I was last here!

It's been a year of ups and downs and not knowing. A year since one of the worst scares of my life happened. I almost lost the love of my life.

We finally now know what we are dealing with and for how long. It's been confirmed that Terry has a genetic predisposition for Thrombophilia.  We knew we were dealing with blood clots and he has been on medication for them ever since.

Now knowing this is a genetic issue we have a different plan of action. He will have to be monitored all his life on different meds and watched very closely by his doctor and now his pulminary specialist. Also though he is a little freaked out about it, Marcus will now have to be tested.

Knowing this now we get on with life the way life should be. We spend time as a family and have a lot of fun.

This summer we went on a well deserved family holiday. It was a celebration for many reasons. Celebrating Terry's health, his graduation from his Masters program. Celebrating that our family remained intact during this Masters program. Marcus finishing Elementary school. And the first holiday we have had as a family in 6 years and the first one ever that didn't have family with us or visit family. Off to the sun, sand and surf.  

What a time we had. I think I fell more in love with my family if that is at all possible.

Turns out I love the beach even more and want to move here. I think my boys would be up for it too, however instead we will just visit more often. 

Marcus loves the lemonade there

An amazing trip with my fabulous family and we start new chapters in our lives.