Wednesday, January 18, 2012



  [in-spahyuhr] verb, -spired, -spir·ing.
verb (used with object)
to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:His courage inspired his followers.
to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.): to inspire confidence in others.
to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.: to inspire a person with distrust.
to influence or impel: Competition inspired her to greater efforts.
to animate, as an influence, feeling, thought, or the like,does: They were inspired by a belief in a 
better future.

There are a million things that inspire me and I would love to share them all with you but I am sure you have a life and don't want to be reading this post for a month.

I love to be inspired. It makes me happy, it fills me with joy.  I need to be inspired in many parts of my life.

So what inspires me?  

There are  things like the smell of freshly cut grass or the laughter of the young kids I look after. Having that first cup of coffee in the morning while camping (preferably with Bailey's in it). My husband holding my hand as we walk down the street (yup after 13 years together he still likes to hold it). Amazing friends.  A piece of artwork that sends me off to my craft zone to scrapbook a picture or create a card. 

 There's a ton of others but here's some of my favourites

My husband Terry and our son Marcus

Our nutty dog Frankie who thinks he is human

Weekends away with my Soul Sista's Heather and Eryn (just need my BFF Diana to join us)

My siblings - this is Susan and Shane (can't find a picture with all 5 of us it's very rare we are all together in the same place)

My niece Sarah,  nephews Kirby, Taylor, Adam with Marcus and my parents.

So what inspires you?

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