Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing the old job world?

Last week I thought for just a moment that I missed working outside the home in the business world. Getting up in the morning and being with grown ups, relating like grown ups and for the most part acting like grown ups. Having even more health benefits than just my husband's and possibly more pay and a few perks that go along with that world but then I turned around and looked at the 6 children playing on my living room floor and took a sip of my coffee that I just freshly brewed and knew exactly where I belonged.

I walked over to those 6 kids and joined them in making the best Little People town anyone had ever seen. We had so much fun. The two 18 month olds were the giants that were crushing the train and trying to get the princess in the pink castle while the 5 year old was telling the knight in the brown castle to get to the plane and take the king to the construction site where he would be safe with the boulders. Little did they know that the 3 year old was telling the T-Rex that he should be a train engineer but how would he fit in the little Little People Train? And the whole time one 18 month old is giggling from his toes. I LOVE the imagination of these 6.

About 45 mins of playing like this I got up from the floor and knew exactly where I needed and wanted to be. Right there on the floor amongst the Little People and 6 amazing little people.

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