Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday

It's Friday - oh thank goodness!

I have been back in the working world almost 3 months. When I went back it worked out that I didn't work Fridays. I loved it especially in the summer when I could spend it with Marcus and Terry since they both were home.

Well 2 weeks ago that changed and I no longer have Fridays off!  I only have one child to look after and  really only 5 or 6 hours a day as she goes to school in the afternoon and she's 5 so it's a pretty easy gig.

Today though I was sad she came because Marcus is off school and we all could have slept in (something I'm learning to do again). I was up before 7am and the Munchkin was at the door 10 minutes later. My normal Friday morning routine of a coffee and some trash tv is no longer. Apparently it's bad form in dayhome to subject the children to Maury and the 5 possible baby daddies he has on his show. (Shhhhhh don't tell anyone because I will deny it and you will have to get some sort of test to prove it! LOL!)

Instead my morning is now a cup of coffee (see a trend there?) and Little People Castle playing and that's ok too but I going to really look forward to the afternoon when I can have that remote in my hand and watch some Days of Our Lives!

Happy Friday all and have an amazing weekend

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